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Videos and Films


  • A.K.A. Don Bonus is a video made by a 17 year old, Cambodian immigrant/former refugee living in San Francisco, CA, chronicling his senior year of high school. Family issues, social class and poverty, educational and career/school-work transition issues are prevalent. (explicit language)
  • Daughter from Danang is a very moving documentary about a Vietnamese and Irish American woman revisiting her homeland and family of origin as a young adult after being adopted by a single Southern White woman in the 1970s.
  • The Color of Fear is a video used mostly in cross cultural/anti-racism training. The video observes nine men (two White, two African American, two Mexican American, one Japanese American, and two Chinese American) who have spent an intensive weekend talking about the role racism has played in their lives. By Lee Mun Wah of Stirfry Productions.
  • The Long Walk Home is another group process documentary made by Stir Fry Productions (Lee Mun Wah) but focuses on a group of women.


  • Blue Diner is a movie about a Puerto Rican woman who struggles with her relationship with her mother and love relationships. One day she wakes up and is no longer able to speak or understand Spanish. Language and bicultural issues as well as mother-daughter relationship is central. (Comedy/Drama)
  • Eat Man Drink Woman is a Chinese film about a man and his three daughters. The movie centers around food and the father daughter relationships. Age and gender issues are prominent. (Comedy)
  • Lonestar is a murder mystery that takes place in a Texas/Mexico border town. Many interesting reflections on immigration, military, law enforcement, etc. (Drama, mystery)
  • Mi familia is a moving film about a Mexican American family living in California. (Drama)
  • My mother likes women is a Spanish movie about three daughters who discover that their mother is in love with another women and they try to break up her relationship. (Comedy)
  • Rabbit Proof Fence is based on a true story about three young aboriginal (“Half Caste”) girls in Australia (around 1930’s) who are forcibly taken from their mothers through a government racial cleansing policy and escape to try to find their way back home. (Drama)
  • Real women have curves is a movie about a young Latina who is struggling between her goals of going to college and her family’s desire for her to stay with the family. Body image issues, mother daughter relationship, social class issues, and sexuality are also central. (Comedy/Drama)
  • Salvador is a movie about a journalist in Central America who becomes aware of the impact of the political struggle. (Drama)
  • Smoke signals is a film based on the book, “The Lone Ranger and Tonto fist fight in heaven”. The film is about two teenage American Indian boys and their identity, their relationship with themselves and with their families. (Drama)
  • Zebrahead is about a Jewish American high school student growing up in a predominantly African American community who is struggling with his racial identity. (Drama)



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