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About This Site

This site was developed by Rebecca L. Toporek with support from the Department of Counseling and San Francisco State University. Special thanks to Felicia Tripp, Laura Nuñez and Szuhsuan Li.

The birth and development of this website

This current website strives to provide a framework for counselors and mental health professionals who are motivated and desire a structure for developing their own multicultural and social justice advocacy competence. I developed and currently maintain this website as something that I am passionate about and committed to, not as a paying gig. Therefore, I update as regularly as possible (given a more than full-time faculty job and two small children) and appreciate any assistance that I might receive. Some of this includes consultation from Kevin Kelly, an member of the Center for Enhancement of Teaching at San Francisco State University, and students who have contributed resources and their time to testing this website. In addition, numerous practitioners and educators have volunteered to beta-test the website.

In the future, I hope to integrate numerous technological and pedagogical features including audio and video streaming for roleplays and demonstrations and integrating the MCCAP model (Toporek & Reza, 2000) for assessment of cultural competence providing for a lifetime of cultural competence development work.


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