Multicultural Counseling and Social Justice Competencies
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Implementation of Your Plan

The implementation portion of the web site provides you with templates and suggests activities, exercises, reading, and other resources that may help you to increase your level of cultural competence in the areas identified by your assessment. The intent is that this process is self-directed. Therefore, the recommendations are only meant to provide you with ideas. It is up to you to design your plan and carry it out. Begin by using the Assessment Summary created in the Pre assessment Phase. Then use the tools and resources provided in this section:

Your Plan
Overview of Competencies
Learning Activities:

To facilitate you in gaining the most from your experiences, it is recommended that you journal using the progress notes form linked below. It is best if you complete these following each activity and print them to keep them for your files. You may want to revisit them periodically to reflect on your changing perceptions and growth.

After the initiation or completion of each activity, update your professional development plan. At any time, you may choose to go back and reassess your competence.


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