Multicultural Counseling and Social Justice Competencies
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Progress Notes

This form was designed to provide you with a template for recording your experiences, reactions, insights, gains, and challenges throughout your pursuit of multicultural competence. After you have completed this page, please print and keep in your files.

Your work on this page can not be saved, therefore, you will need to complete this page in one sitting and then print his page.

Competence area addressed:
Description of experience (what took place? including description of event, your interactions and involvement)
Who else was involved?
What was it like for you? How did you feel before engaging in this activity, during, and after (e.g., anxious, indifferent, excited)
What thoughts, ideas, or insights arose during or following the activity about yourself, the group (if applicable), or the activity itself?
How might you apply this learning to your counseling, teaching, or research work?
How well, and in what ways, do you think this activity addressed your learning objective?


When you have completed this page, be sure to print as the content will not be saved.


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