Multicultural Counseling and Social Justice Competencies
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Module 1: Awareness and Knowledge

Module 1: This module reflects Guideline 1, 2 & 5 of the Guidelines on Multicultural Education, Training, Research, Practice, and Organizational Change for Psychologists from the American Psychological Association (2002). If you have not read the preliminary material* from the Guidelines yet, we recommend that you do so before completing this module. To read the preliminary material, click here.

Guideline #1: Psychologists are encouraged to recognize that, as cultural beings, they may hold attitudes and beliefs that can detrimentally influence their perceptions of and interactions with individuals who are ethnically and racially different from themselves.” (APA, 2002).

Guideline #2: Psychologists are encouraged to recognize the importance of multicultural sensitivity/responsiveness, knowledge, and understanding about ethnically and racially different individuals.” (APA, 2002)

1) Read Guideline 1 (APA, 2002). This is an external link that takes you to APA’s html document.

2) Read Guideline 2 (APA, 2002). This is an external link that takes you to APA’s html document.

3) After reading both Guidelines (1 & 2) in full, click here for Module 1 Post-Assessment. The Post-Assessment covers both Guidelines (1 & 2).

In addition to completing the readings listed above, to gain more depth in your understanding of your self and others, we recommend completing the following exercises:

  • The Cultural Genogram (Develop greater awareness of self and own history)
  • The Test of Hidden Biases (Develop greater awareness of own attitudes and biases)
  • The Cultural Immersion (Gain a better understanding of a cultural community as well as your own reactions and attitudes as an outsider)
  • The Self Assessment using the Addressing Framework (Hays, 2001)
    Cultural Resources (Books, articles, films)

* APA Guidelines preliminary material includes:

  1. Preface
  2. Scope of Guidelines
  3. Racial/ethnic Diversity in the United States and Psychology
  4. Definitions
  5. Historical and Sociopolitical Developments for the Guidelines
  6. Introduction to the Guidelines: Assumptions and Principles

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